Organically Raised Pastured Meat Chickens

Our chicks are sent through the mail from an Iowa hatchery when they are 1 day old. Once they arrive here at the farm, we take them out of the boxes, dip their beaks in water and set them loose in the wide, open space of the brooder house. They have free access to water and an organic grain starter mix. Chicks are very temperature sensitive, so we have several heat lamps hanging from the ceiling, along with a regulated heater.

After 3-4 weeks in the brooder, the quickly growing chicks are transported out to the pasture pens. A diet of lush, green grass awaits them, supplemented with an organic feed mix. The pens are moved twice a day, to provide them with a fresh salad bar. Their environment is one of clean air & sunshine, plenty of room to roam (within the pen of course!), and organic grass and feed. What more could they need to produce such healthy, delicious meat?

By the age of 8-9 weeks, the chickens are mature and well filled out. Processing is accomplished right here on the farm, and with many helping hands, they are ready for customer pick-up. We butcher several times a summer, so there are plenty of chances to purchase chicken either fresh or frozen.

When you buy our chicken, you can be assured the meat is free of hormones, injections, bleach baths, and antibiotics. It is something you can feel good about serving to your family!

Chicken Pricing
Whole Chicken

Whole Frozen Chicken - $4.80/lb

*Purchase 15 or more chickens from one batch and receive a $.25/pound discount!*

*Pick-up Day Discount - $0.25/lb. (Fresh)*

*For an additional $1.25/bird, you can have your chickens cut up!*

We aim for 5-pound chickens.

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Chicken Pieces

Boneless Chicken Breast
$9.75/lb (Approx. 1.25# packages)

Chicken Leg/Thigh Quarters
$4.75/lb (Approx. 1.25# packages)

Chicken Wings
$4.00/lb (Approx. 1.25# packages)

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Chicken Pieces

Chicken Backs & Bones

Chicken Feet

Chicken Livers

Chicken Hearts

Chicken Gizzards (cleaned)

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Prices subject to change without notice.