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Raw Milk (Thursday Pickup)

Raw Milk (Thursday Pickup)

1/2 Gal - Click pic for info
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100% Grassfed, A2A2, Glass-Bottled Raw Milk

This is a document that includes notes on Raw Milk Care and IDPH Consumer Awareness information. One important note from this document is that we do not allow our customers to buy milk, give it to someone else, and receive compensation or repayment in any way (money, bartering, etc).

Note - You need to purchase a Milk Bottle Deposit if:

A) This is your first time buying milk.

  • Purchase the same number of Milk Bottle Deposits as bottles of milk that you are buying.
  • e.g. If you are buying 3 bottles of milk, then you would need to buy 3 Milk Bottle Deposits.

B) You are returning fewer empty milk bottles than full bottles you are buying.

  • e.g. If you are returning 4 milk bottles and buying 5 bottles, you would need to to purchase 1 Milk Bottle Deposit

The Milk Bottle Deposit will be refunded if you bring back more bottles than you are buying.