"My husband and I have bought beef from Steiner's for a while now. We wouldn't buy from anywhere else. We also share it with our daughter and her family because we want our grandchildren to eat healthy food! I highly recommend them. And, we love supporting locally grown and raised food producers."

-Terry L.
"Our family loves their products! I just feel good knowing how healthy their products are for us and the taste just can't be beat! They are always friendly, quick to get ahold of and easy to deal with. I would highly recommend them to everyone!"

-Julie D.
"Just wanted to provide you with some feedback and gratitude for what you all do. I am up at the farm and made your recipe for our chicken last night for my husband. Our mouths are still watering over how delicious it was. Is the fresh that much better or was it the recipe? 😋 In any case, thank you for bringing a little bit of heaven into this busy season!"

-Cathy E.
"Trying to get to the root cause of sudden health issues, the gut was my starting point. What EXACTLY am I eating? Steiner’s grass-fed beef is exactly what I need. On a farm visit the animals meet you at the fence. Their feed is where everyone can see. Asking specifically what the cows are eating, the farm hands rattle the ingredients off automatically. They just know. The beef is tender, flavorful, well marbled and available several times each year.

The chickens from Steiner’s Farm are delicious. You’ll find the chickens outside scratching the ground, soaking up the sunshine, running around and doing what chickens are supposed to do. I pick my chickens up fresh the day of butchering. They also offer them frozen, cut up, or special parts. They offer chicken feet, boney parts, livers, etc. I buy them all. I travel a long way to buy chickens because Steiner's are honest, professional, efficient, and truly know their chickens and what they eat, so I can eat them!

The Steiner Farm offers organic pork. It is not fatty or full of water. I order a whole hog at a time. The cuts are tender, full of flavor, easy to cut and chew, and we just love it. It is important to know exactly what my family eats.

Steiners are full time farmers and will show you around, promptly answer questions, and are enthusiastic to meet all of my requests. The personal attention is priceless. For us city-folk, that’s pretty cool. I highly recommend a farm visit to see for yourself. Steiner’s Farm is the real deal."

-Marilyn Fritz (Harvard, IL - that’s 160 miles north of Steiners)
"Steiner Family Farm produces the finest-tasting, most-incredibly tender, organically-raised and delicious, turkeys, chickens, and beef. I know this because my mom, siblings and I have savored all of them. Why else would I drive nearly 300 miles round-trip to pick up my selections? By the way, the Steiners are absolutely some of the nicest people that you’ll ever have the pleasure of meeting."

-Greg K.
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