The Steiner Family

We are a Christian, homeschooling family seeking to serve the Lord & others in all we do. We love working and playing on our family farm and enjoy observing God’s Hand displayed in nature. Our desire is to provide healthy, nourishing, and sustaining food for local customers. We hope you will join us on an amazing journey towards improved health!

  • Todd & Valerie Steiner
    Todd & Valerie Steiner
    Visionary Founders
  • Trent Steiner
    Trent Steiner
    Pork Production Manager
  • Corbin & Esther Steiner
    Corbin & Esther Steiner
    Beef Production Manager
  • Philip & Mary Steiner
    Philip & Mary Steiner
    Team Meetings Manager
  • Thad Steiner
    Thad Steiner
    Customer Service Manager
  • Faith Steiner
    Faith Steiner
    Marketing Assistant
  • Joshua Steiner
    Joshua Steiner
    Egg Production Manager
  • Lydia Steiner
    Lydia Steiner
    Household Operations
  • Emma Steiner
    Emma Steiner
    Household Operations
  • Timothy Steiner
    Timothy Steiner
    Junior Equipment Operator
  • Micah Steiner
    Micah Steiner
    Lawn Mower Operator
  • Leah Steiner
    Leah Steiner
    Household Operations Assistant
  • Ethan Steiner
    Ethan Steiner
    Manages "Smiles, Inc."
  • Joel Steiner
    Joel Steiner
    Manages "Heavenly Perspectives"