100% Grass-Fed Raw Milk

A2A2 and Glass Bottled

Are you looking for a trustworthy source of raw milk for your family? Look no further. We're excited to tell you that here at Prairie Creek Pastures we sell 100% grass-fed, A2A2, glass-bottled, raw cow's milk!

Current Pricing

  • $5.45/half gallon for retail purchase
  • Bulk discount of $0.25 off per half gallon (see FAQ's below)
  • 5% savings for recurring orders (recurring orders are through our Subscribe & Save program and can be every week or every 2 week)
  • One-time returnable glass bottle deposit of $5/bottle

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What are the things that stand out about your milk?

- Raw - non-pasteurized, non-homogenized

- 100% Grass-Fed Cows

- A2A2 milk protein - (*more digestible - see more info below)

- Milk bottled in returnable glass bottles

- Antibiotic and growth hormone free

- Non-GMO and chemical free feed for the cows

Are there any discounts if I get a lot of milk?

Yes! We are offering a discount of $0.25/half gallon bottle for customers who buy 4 or more bottles at a time for their household. Note that per IL Dept. of Public Health regulation, it is illegal for someone to buy raw milk from a farm and then resell it to other people.

I live a ways away from your farm but would really like to get your milk at the recurring order price. What are my options?

  • Pickup groups: You are welcome to find other people in your area who want to get our milk so you can take turns coming to the farm!
  • Every 2 Week Recurring Order: We will give customers the Recurring Order Discount if they get milk every two weeks.
  • Note that due to regulations, we can only distribute the milk from the farm so we will not be offering delivery of the milk

How long does raw milk stay fresh? 

We've found that our milk normally lasts at least 7 days after you pick it up from the farm

What are the health benefits of raw milk?

Raw milk naturally has a lot of healthy enzymes and vitamins in it. Due to government regulation, milk sold in stores is heated (pasteurized) to kill potential pathogens but unfortunately “Many nutrients and immune-enhancing components are destroyed by exposure to high heat and the temperatures used during pasteurization. Vitamin A (among many other vitamins) is degraded, proteins and enzymes are denatured, and immunoglobulins are destroyed…” according to the article “The Shame of Pasteurization” realmilk.com/the-shame-of-pasteurization. If you’re interested to learn more about the health benefits of raw milk, the website realmilk.com has another article called “Milk As Medicine” that dives into more details realmilk.com/milk-as-medicine

How will the glass bottle deposit work? 

The first time you buy milk you will pay a bottle deposit of $5/bottle. After that you will simply return your rinsed bottles and trade them for more milk. The only reason you’d need to pay more for bottles is if you’re taking more bottles of milk than rinsed bottles you are returning.

Will you be testing the milk to check for bacteria growth?

Yes, we will be testing the milk periodically. The test will check for bacteria in the milk and give a measure of the cows' health.