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Beef Savings Bundle

Beef Savings Bundle

136, 4oz portions of nutrient dense beef! | Click pic for details

Bulk Savings!

Save $55.00

Beef Savings Bundle

You're getting to the bottom of your family's beef supply? The Beef Savings Bundle offers a great value for stocking up with nutrient dense beef!

It has a generous amount of ground, some convenient snack sticks for the children, patties for burgers, roasts and stew meat cubes for slow-cooked suppers, and don't miss the delicious steaks your hubby can grill for a family & friends cookout!

All this beef is 100% Grassfed and raised without antibiotics or hormones and since it's together in a bulk bundle, we offer it with some nice savings. Lastly, we stock this bundle for on-demand ordering so it's quick and convenient for you to get!

Tasty Steaks

2 - Filet Mignon (4.0-6.0 oz/ea)

2 - Ribeye (9.0-13.0 oz/ea)

2 - Top Sirloin (9.0-13.0 oz/ea)

2 - NY Strip (7.5-11.5 oz/ea)

Versatile Cuts

1 - Bone-In Chuck Roast (2.25-3.0 lb/ea)

1 - Rolled Rump Roast (2.25-3.0 lb/ea)

2 pkg - Stew Meat Cubes (0.8-1.2 lb/pkg)

20 lb - Ground Beef (1 lb/pkg)

Handy Pre-Prepped Items

2 pkg - Beef Sticks (7 sticks/pkg and ~1.2 oz/stick)

12 - Beef Patties

All told this bundle has 136, 4oz portions (34-36 lb) of nutritious beef!

You'll need about 1 cubic foot of freezer space for this Beef Savings Bundle. (1 cubic foot of space is roughly the size of 1 full large brown grocery bag)