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Best of Beef Bundle

Best of Beef Bundle

52, 4oz portions of nutrient dense beef!
1/3 - 1/2 cu ft. freezer space
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Best of Beef Bundle

So, you're wanting to do some grilling and cooking with nutrient-dense beef but are looking for a convenient way to save? Let me introduce you to the Best of Beef Bundle!

This bundle is loaded with delicious steaks and patties for the grill, convenient ground that's good for all kinds of things, a roast and stew meat cubes for savory dinners, and last but not least...👏tasty snack sticks! Compared to the Beef Savings Bundle, this Best of Beef Bundle is smaller but mightier with a greater proportion of high value steaks and less ground and roasts!

All this beef is 100% Grassfed and raised without antibiotics or hormones and since it's together in a bulk bundle, we offer it with some nice savings. Lastly, we stock this bundle for on-demand ordering so it's quick and convenient for you to get!

Tasty Steaks

1 - Filet Mignon (4.0-6.0 oz)

1 - Ribeye (9.0-13.0 oz)

1 - Top Sirloin (9.0-13.0 oz)

2 - NY Strip (7.5-11.5 oz/ea)

Versatile Cuts

1 - Bone-In Chuck Roast (2.25-3.0 lb/ea)

1 pkg - Stew Meat Cubes (0.8-1.2 lb)

6 lb - Ground Beef (1 lb/pkg)

Handy Pre-Prepped Items

1 pkg - Beef Sticks (7 sticks/pkg and ~1.2 oz/stick)

4 - Beef Patties

All told this bundle has 52, 4oz portions (13 lb) or more of nutritious beef!

You'll need about 1/3 - 1/2 cubic foot of freezer space for this bundle. (1 cubic foot of space is roughly the size of 1 full large brown grocery bag)