Pork Savings Bundle

Pork Savings Bundle

104, 4oz portions of nutrient dense pork! | Click pic for details
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Pork Savings Bundle

Wanting to stock your freezer with nutrient dense pork? The Pork Savings Bundle offers a great value on things like sausage, bacon, roasts, and chops!

It has a hearty amount of sausage, ground pork and bacon for breakfast 😋, plus chops for the grill, a roast you can cook up for pulled pork sandwiches, and a ham roast for a holiday meal!

You can enjoy this pork with confidence since it is pastured, nitrate-free, antibiotic/hormone free, and raised with non-GMO and chemical-free feed. Since these items are together in a bulk bundle, we offer it with some nice savings! We stock this bundle for on-demand ordering so it's quick and convenient for you to get!

What's Inside

6 - Bone-in Chops

4 lb - Breakfast Sausage (1 lb/pkg)

4 lb - Italian Sausage (1 lb/pkg)

4 lb - Ground Pork (1 lb/pkg)

4 pkg - Classic Bacon (~12 oz/pkg)

2 pkg - Cottage Bacon (~12 oz/pkg)

1 - Ham Roast (Country style ham)

1 - Shoulder Roast

All told this bundle has 104, 4oz portions (26 lb) or more of nutritious pork!

You'll need about 1-1.5 cubic feet of freezer space for this bundle.